Companies in Special Situations with a healthy core

Our clientele's target investment companies should have a healthy core. Despite a sometimes difficult economic situation of underperformance, transition or distress, the company's core must be clearly identifiable and stable. Some of the requirements for such a healthy core are:

  • Stable market: The company must be in a stable market, with its customers having only limited leverage. Performance in non-price areas such as quality, delivery time, and product features should be important criteria to customers.
  • Competitive products with (potential) unique selling proposition: Many medium-sized companies in Italy area satisfy this criterion. The products often support a sustainable competitive position in a relatively protected market niche or segment, without the technological risks of high-tech companies.
  • Strong market position: The company should have a leading position in its respective market segments. There should be a strong customer franchise and good reputation for quality and service.
  • Capable workforce and middle management: The company must have a capable middle management (e.g. sales force, technical staff, shop floor supervisors) that is able to take over a leading role during the restructuring and strategic realignment of the company.

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