Search Profile

Target companies

  • Medium-sized companies or subsidiaries of conglomerates.
  • Turnover: EUR 50 - 500 million.
  • Cash-flow: stable in core businesses, positive.
  • Earnings: explainable losses may be acceptable.


  • Manufacturing, capital goods, engineering companies (machinery and plant engineering), industrial wholesale or service industry.
  • Typically not: software, internet, biotech, fashion.

Transaction structure

  • Interested in legally and economically complex situations, e.g. restructuring or insolvency situations.
  • In overleveraged situations bailout of banks possible.

Transaction volume

  • Up to EUR 100 million (buying out bank loans as part of the transaction is an option).


  • Focus in Italy with buy-and-build option in other European countries.


  • Leading position in relevant market (Nr. 1-3).
  • Fragmented market structure with potential for industry consolidation.


  • Stable market.
  • Low single customer/single order risk.

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